C4L’s Red-E Team began as a large disaster response team over one decade ago. As the needs of local responders and agencies changed, the team changed as well in order to fill the gaps within existing systems.

In 2013, the team, once a crowd of disaster volunteers, was trimmed to a team of experienced specialists that could tactically assist in a wide array of events and scenarios adding skills and knowledge to agencies dealing with the very worst of both man-made and natural disasters.

Now, since mid-2015, the team has been re-born into a tactical operations “Red Team” with not only the capability of assisting in worst-case scenarios, but in creating real-life training exercises and offering in-depth planning and training services to both the private and public sector markets.

The C4L Red-E Team has several hundred agreements and contracts around the United States to respond and provide aid and specialized equipment to man-made and natural disasters including civil unrest, dynamic threats, cascading events and even large scale attacks or evacuations.

The team also provides services for what we call “peacetime” events such as large festivals, marathons, gatherings, conferences, rallies, races and more. During these events the team often provides services such as on-site meteorology and severe weather tracking, scene lighting, logistical support and planning, traffic control and much more.

The Red-E Team specializes in assisting you with your planning, but also in testing that plan. How do you anticipate the unthinkable? Hire a group of experienced specialists to find your plans vulnerabilities! The Red-E Team has countless years of experience alongside a deep understanding of many different industries and can effectively test your plans or systems either in simple workshop/table-top mode or in full-blown field exercise.

The Red-E Team can assist in identifying, mitigating and managing risks in a myriad of ways whether you are a small agency or a large corporation.

“One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes be victorious. Sometimes meet with defeat. One who knows neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement.” — Sun Tzu

 Critical Support


For years the C4L Red-E Team has been just that; READY. With a core team of experienced response specialists able to deploy on a moments notice, our team is unique, qualified and equipped to assist you in meeting your incident management challenges.

This team was not designed to duplicate what is already available, but rather was created to fill those “gaps” in response we have discovered over the years.

Aside from bringing over 200 years of combined experience to the table, our team comes with specialty equipment as we harness R&D relationships with companies such as FoxFury Lighting Solutions (tactical scene lighting), Iron Guard (instant barricade systems), Warrior Strong (tactical and personal security), Binder Lifts (patient lift devices), BioSeal (BSL-4 body containment systems), DIVVY (emergency water systems), Losberger (portable shelters), SRN (portable security screens), Disc-O-Bed (responder cots), Threatnet (satellite weather tracking) and many more.

While we do not have the extensive fleet some response services manage, we are a tactical, extremely mobile team of professionals that can responsibly take on the tasks that often are overlooked or hard to manage. Our team works well in concert with multiple agencies or on their own assigned to a single task. Strategically located near the intersection of U.S. Interstate 35 and U.S. Interstate 80 in Iowa, our team can become that quick attack team the moment you know you have a need.

With on-staff meteorologists, the Red-E Team monitors severe weather situations around the country often-times deploying before an event at the request of our clientele. Have a “peacetime” deployment such as a large marathon, festival, rally or something unique and challenging? Call our offices today to see how we have successfully supported agencies around the country during these special events!

Whether it’s an expected event or a sudden attack or disaster, there’s going to be gaps that need filled and you won’t have the time to find the right people and track the proper equipment; this is where the C4L Red-E Team comes into play on your behalf.

Contact us today to find out more about how to deploy our team or equipment.